VIA 2011

Some of my work in the Via OPEN exhibition – my mum will be so proud!

Just returned from the Visualisation in Archaeology 2011 conference in my home away from home, sunny Southampton. The conference was the culmination of three years of workshops at the university and brought together archaeologists, illustrators, art historians, digital artists, gamers, photographers, surveyors….I could go on!

I felt like my paper was received well, there were loads of questions and Twittering  afterwards and I chatted to a good few people about my ideas over the coffee break.

I always really enjoy the VIA events – not only because I get to visit my English friends! But I guess because from my own experience working in illustration and reconstruction at other universities, being a specialist in a sea of archaeologists can often seem very lonely and starved of any discussion on the theoretical implications of the work. Events like the VIA which focus specifically on visualisation in the field are essential in maintaining a community of specialists who may otherwise remain isolated.

Also when you’re a poor student the promise of a complementary buffet is always a good reason to present at a conference!


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