Monthly Archives: June 2011

First Days on St Kilda

We left Glasgow on Friday on a tiny plane bound for Stornoway, and arrived in Leverburgh on Harris that evening. Angus had hoped to take us out on the boat that same night, but the weather had turned again so we had to wait until the following morning. After a night in the eclectic Bunkhouse […]

St Kilda Trip Packing: aka Suncream and Wooly Hats

Well, the Historic Scotland van has been packed full of scanning equipment, camping gear and enough chocolate biscuits to keep us going on a remote island for two weeks. Only in Scotland would you need to pack suncream AND thermal pajamas! The team are ready to leave for Leverburgh on Harris tomorrow, some of us are flying, others will […]

Sun, Scanning and Skara Brae

As some of you will know I embarked on a last-minute adventure to Orkney last weekend with the C10 laser scanner. Despite a day of panicked planning, booking ferries and arranging site access on Wednesday – which resulted in higher than average blood pressure and about 3 hours of stress-induced hiccups – on Thursday the C10 and […]

The Pilot Case-Study

This week I began my pilot case study, beginning to reconstruct ‘House 7’ at Skara Brae with a view to testing and refining my methodology  before I begin work on the whole village…a process which inevitably turned out to be easier said than done! The house itself is off-limits to the public and is protected from […]