St Kilda Trip Packing: aka Suncream and Wooly Hats

Well, the Historic Scotland van has been packed full of scanning equipment, camping gear and enough chocolate biscuits to keep us going on a remote island for two weeks. Only in Scotland would you need to pack suncream AND thermal pajamas! The team are ready to leave for Leverburgh on Harris tomorrow, some of us are flying, others will be ferrying and driving equipment over, but we’ll all be travelling together on the boat out to Hirta.

Some of the essential supplies travelling out to St Kilda with me - when it comes to the perilous decisions of what gets priority in the dry bag for the boat I fear my Hobnobs may win over the laptop and camera...

Because of the windy weather predicted for over the weekend (causing large swells in Village Bay) there’s a possibility we might be making a dash for it tomorrow night as soon as we arrive on Harris, which assuming we’re on time would mean approaching Hirta at sunset…if we’re running late that might mean an open sea crossing in a small boat in darkness! Who says archaeology isn’t exciting?!

We will have internet access in the ranger station every evening so I should be able to update the blog with photos and stories from my time there, so keep checking back over the next week or so…

See you on the other side!

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