A Bit More Bodiam

Well this week has been one for nostalgia! I began the week getting back to my roots doing a little lithic illustration for Dene Wright at the University of Glasgow, there’s something quite therapeutic and calming about using a pencil again. Then later in the week I began rendering out some scenes from the Bodiam animation I was working on during my masters last year for Graeme Earl and Matthew Johnson.

One of the new renders from the Great Hall at Bodiam Castle in east Sussex, as much as I like to critique birds-eye views in reconstructions, it does show off the new candelabra I added nicely!

It’s been a great little exercise in reminding myself how to use 3ds Max again, it’s been a while. It also reminded me how frustrating 3d lighting can be sometimes, I spent most of yesterday trying to make candle flames with no luck, natural light it is then! Coming back to old project it’s always tempting to completely change everything, especially given that when I produced this reconstruction I was still very much learning the software. There’s so much I’d still like to add, characters being one of them, but I just don’t have the time right now….one day!

Great Hall at Bodiam from a view with your feet placed firmly on the ground!

For some current work on Bodiam Castle check out good friend Catriona Cooper’s brilliant research blog.



  1. Lady of Winchester · · Reply

    Just wanted to ask, can I use these pictures, as I recently visited Bodiam and want to run a ‘castle tour’ on my blog…? I don’t want to use without consent or authorization

    1. Yes of course! Happy for the images to be used as long as they’re credited to me (Alice Watterson) and link back to this page.

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