Scottish Ten Remake of Nakata’s Classic Horror

“The Ring” 2002

Laser scanning is hard work, but it’s not all registration and meshing here at the Scottish Ten computer lab where Al Rawlinson has appointed himself executive producer of the St Kilda remake of the Japanese classic horror movie “The Ring” starring yours truly…

Leading lady Miss Watterson herself on set!

….you may recognise Alice from her previous scanned appearances at a number of heritage sites across the country and of course from her debut – ‘eating biscuits in the scan data from the Skara Brae replica house’ which won her critical acclaim throughout the office.

Recognised as ‘one to watch’ in the upcoming months, Miss Watterson is currently (honestly!) working very hard to get her literature review chapter finished by the end of next week and recently told journalists that she plans to write a far more serious blog in the near future detailing some of the theoretical development of her research.


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