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A cleit with a blackhouse-style thatched roof, note the curved ends (Flemming 2005, 93 - Although this is a cleit, you will have to trust me that the blackhouse roofs looked exactly the same, unfortunately I can't publish the images I have as they are unpublished and copyrighted!)

Why the St Kildans have a lot to answer for!

This week I began the early stages of the reconstruction process for Blackhouse G on St Kilda. I chose this particular blackhouse after studying some of the early plans made by visitors to the archipelago in the early to mid 19th centuary. One plan identified this particular structure as having a ‘crub’ or wall bed […]

CAA 2012 Call for Papers!

Catriona Cooper and I are holding another session at CAA 2012 in Southampton continuing on from our upcoming TAG session… “Maintaining a Dialogue between Observation and Visualisation” Session Code: Theory4 “From creativity comes innovation and this innovation in archaeological interpretation can uncover new avenues of thinking allowing new questions to be uncovered and examined. But […]

Some views from the hike, looking across the mountain range and looking back up to the quarries from the valley.

Thinking Big – Some Landscape Archaeology in Cumbria

Some of you may remember a post I published a few months ago where I discussed a trip to the Kelvingrove Museum with artist and archaeologist Aaron Watson? Well we decided to keep the dialogue going and last week I visited Aaron for a few days in Lancaster and we spent our time visiting sites […]

Catching Up on the Past Few Weeks of Conferencing!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks/months with conferences starting with our own Digital Documentation 2011 conference which showcased some really inspirational work from across the globe and culminated with one hell of a ceildh! This was followed by the Software Art conference as part of the POCOS (Preservation of Complex Objects Symposium) and organised by the […]