Catching Up on the Past Few Weeks of Conferencing!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks/months with conferences starting with our own Digital Documentation 2011 conference which showcased some really inspirational work from across the globe and culminated with one hell of a ceildh!

This was followed by the Software Art conference as part of the POCOS (Preservation of Complex Objects Symposium) and organised by the University of Glasgow’s HATII department. Although the conference focussed on the preservation of digital art, I could see parallels with a lot of what was discussed and the issues I’m facing with my own research. Particularly in terms of how to document a creative process and what elements are important to document and preserve, for example artists intent versus the aesthetics and materiality of an artwork. There was a strong sentiment from a number of people that documentation is an ongoing process that should be built into the work.

The following week Daisy Abbott and I jetted off to Florence, Italy for the VAST 2011 conference in Prato. The four-day event was kicked off with a 3D Coform workshop which discussed issues surrounding the establishment of a sustainable way of documenting and visualising tangible cultural heritage and the enhancement of existing 3D tools for heritage needs. The next three days of conferencing was very intense and very technical! I had some great chats with some fascinating people, including Daniel Pletinckx whose work on documenting the modelling process has been quoted heavily throughout my research so far….unfortunately I introduced myself with my usual grace and poise by elbowing a drink off the table over his knees!

VAST 2011 Conference, Prato Italy

The following weekend after VAST was the Experience of Technology conference at the University of Glasgow where I presented some of my research and talked a little about the Forteviot project I worked on during my masters in Southampton. It was a great little conference with some brilliant papers on everything from African pottery to traditional hunting in Greenland. My flatmate Kyla even sneaked in at the end to show moral support during my presentation…and to join in on the trip to the pub after!

It’s not over yet! Next week I’ll hopefully be attending the Remote Access conference in Edinburgh where the Scottish Ten team will be presenting about the work on St Kilda.


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