CAA 2012 Call for Papers!

Catriona Cooper and I are holding another session at CAA 2012 in Southampton continuing on from our upcoming TAG session…

“Maintaining a Dialogue between Observation and Visualisation”
Session Code: Theory4

“From creativity comes innovation and this innovation in archaeological interpretation can uncover new avenues of thinking allowing new questions to be uncovered and examined. But how can we embrace the creative side of interpretation without compromising the integrity of our work?

Interpretation of archaeological evidence will always be subjective, this fact will never change. But what this session asks is whether a sustainable standard for the management of the creative processes and decisions involved in the generation of an archaeological visualisation can be achieved and what the implications of such a standard would mean. By maintaining a critical self-awareness during this creative process is it possible to confidently explore the possibilities for visualisation of the sites in question?

Carefully recorded at any level all archaeological observations are concerned with the sites as they stand today. This session explores the mechanisms for producing complimentary reconstructive narratives whether these are creative, data driven or interpretative. With the ultimate aim of bridging the gap between the observation behind the archaeological record and the multiple reconstructions of the past. This gap between observation and the narrative leaves an area of dialogue between what is considered the ‘real’ of the present site and the ‘real’ of the reconstructed past and how it is experienced. The process of interpretation produces many questions concerning how our interpretive influence affects the integrity of the captured record, the control of experience and the ways in which we model uncertainty.

This session aims to expand upon ideas introduced at a preceding session “Narrating the gap between observation and visualisation” at the UK TAG 2011 conference. The previous session argued that all archaeological research begins with the creation of the archaeological record and continues with the production of a series of narratives. This relationship was considered in terms of the extent to which visualization links the two stages. Considering in particular how such a link can relate explicitly to experience, through phenomenology, or mediated by illustration, survey, creative media or computer graphics.”

Instead of a standard session with a series of long papers, this session will be structured as more of a roundtable for discussion. We invite presenters to submit short abstracts for papers no longer than 5-7 minutes which address themes in archaeological visualisation, the subjective/objective divide, digital documentation, data standards for a sustainable visualisation workflow and perceived reality. The session will then open the floor to a discussion structured around these short presentations, addressing in addition a series of pre-defined questions which will be circulated prior to the session based on themes of discussion arising from TAG 2011.

The call for papers closes on the 30th November so get those abstracts in! They can be submitted to the website directly here!

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