Modelling the St Kilda Blackhouse

As the weather continues to get more wintry here in Glasgow (not helped by the DDS heating having been broken all week!) I’ve been imagining life inside my model of a cosy St Kildan blackhouse…

Basic model of Blackhouse G on St Kilda

After the ‘gable-ends fiasco’ last week I decided the best course of action was to re-model the walls myself based on the scans in order to avoid any unpleasantness with flipped normals and inverted vertices. But fear not fellow scanning junkies…the blackhouse will be placed back into the laser scanned context of Village Bay once the model is finished!

I’m still working on the exterior at the moment, but hope to start modelling some internal furniture and the like this week based on the archive photographs and literature, it’s all very exciting! And of course I’m keeping a detailed reconstruction diary of my efforts, trying to remain as self-reflexive and critical of my approach to each problem as I can…

One comment

  1. Oh, is that the byre to the right, and did it have its own separate roof structure?

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