Roll Up Roll Up – Alice is giving a seminar lecture on Jan 25th!

Yes friends it’s true! On Wednesday 25th January I’ll be giving the weekly departmental seminar between 4 and 5pm. The seminars are held in the lecture theatre in the archaeology department (Room 109, Gregory Building, University of Glasgow, Lilybank Gardens, Glasgow, G12 8QQ).

My paper is entitled “Visualisation and the Interpretive Process: An Investigation into the Practice of Archaeological Reconstruction” and will consider the process of archaeological reconstruction in it’s entirety – from the moment interpretation begins in the field to the creation of the visualisations, right up to taking the resulting images and animations to audiences. I will be considering the nature of the artist’s engagement with the archaeology throughout the various stages of production and what this means for the integrity of what is ultimately produced for consumption…bottom line – it’s going to change your life! Come along!

Reconstruction (clockwise from top left): Cut-away, Historic Scotland Interpretation Unit; Bodiam Great Hall, Alice Watterson; Neolithic life, Aaron Watson; broch scene and an info board at a site, Historic Scotland Interpretation Unit ; Vegetation at Catalhoyuk, John Swogger, Life at Catalhoyuk on Okapi Island in Second Life, Coleen Morgan; Avebury, Alan Sorrell.


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