Monthly Archives: March 2012

First publication, proud!!

Thinking About How to Think About Skara Brae

Today I spent the morning rummaging through books on Skara Brae in preparation for my upcoming fieldwork in May. I’ve been pulling together various papers, books and drawings which deal with interpretation of the site and its context, trying to decide what angle to adopt for the visualisations. As I skimmed through various accounts and interpretations […]


…I Know the Blackhouse is Supposed to be Smokey But…

Just thought I’d post a lightened version for all those folks who have said “Uhh…its a bit dark?” 🙂 Click on the image to see a much larger version!

Catching up on the Past Few Weeks

Well it’s been a busy few weeks and I’ve only just had chance to sit down and update the blog! Over the past few weeks I’ve been catching up on some writing and running backwards and forwards to various meetings, but last Wednesday I found time to spend the day through at Historic Scotland’s conservation […]

Flag Fen Lives!

I was contacted this week by Brendon Wilkins of Digging the Dirt about help spreading the word about the innovative crowd-sourced and crowd-funded Flag Fen project. If successful the project will be the first archaeological excavation in Europe to be funded in this manner and could influence the way we fund and organise digs in […]