Catching up on the Past Few Weeks

Well it’s been a busy few weeks and I’ve only just had chance to sit down and update the blog!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been catching up on some writing and running backwards and forwards to various meetings, but last Wednesday I found time to spend the day through at Historic Scotland’s conservation unit. While I was there I was given a tour of the unit where everything from restoration painting to stone casting happens and even had time to help out with some point cloud registration!

Yesterday I travelled through to Longmore House for Historic Scotland’s student research day where I presented a poster on my St Kilda work and gave a wee talk. I usually stick to presenting papers at events, but I have to say doing a poster was a great experience. Being able to chat through my research concepts and case studies with different people over the course of the day was really rewarding.

A sneak peak at the poster from yesterday's research day at Historic Scotland, come to CAA if you want to see it in all its A2 glory!

If you want to hear more about the St Kilda blackhouse you can find me at CAA Southampton on the 27th March where I’ll be presenting another poster. You can ask me all about my research and more importantly – find out what the heck that graph is all about!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be organising myself and my co-conspirators Aaron Watson and Kieran Baxter for some exciting fieldwork up in Orkney this coming May… I’ve already said too much, but watch this space for some exciting insights into the visualisation process!



  1. Cathy Mac · · Reply

    Where are the interactive flaps on your poster? 🙂

  2. Not worth the consequences! 😛

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