Flag Fen Lives!

I was contacted this week by Brendon Wilkins of Digging the Dirt about help spreading the word about the innovative crowd-sourced and crowd-funded Flag Fen project. If successful the project will be the first archaeological excavation in Europe to be funded in this manner and could influence the way we fund and organise digs in the future!

As for the site itself…

“Comprising over 60,000 Bronze Age timbers forming a ceremonial platform and walkway over 1 km in length, Flag Fen is in a steady process of decay, and time is running out. Due to extensive drainage and development of the surrounding area, the archaeology is in serious jeopardy.  It is estimated that a large part of the site will be lost within the next 20 years if work is not carried out now. From 23rd July – 12th August, DigVentures will be opening the first trenches in over a decade at Flag Fen. For the first time ever, the public will be able to dig alongside the archaeologists.

Flag Fen post alignment.

A team of internationally respected archaeologists and scientists have been assembled to head up the 2012 season’s dig, with the results feeding directly into a major five-year research programme designed to make live excavation the beating pulse of Flag Fen visitor’s experience, take the site’s rich legacy in hand, and launch it into an exciting and sustainable future.”

The whole project sounds really interesting and I would encourage you to check out their website – www.digventures.com  where you can find out about getting involved in the fieldwork, or if you’re feeling particularly generous you can support the project here!



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