Monthly Archives: May 2012

Painted Hands and a Carved Stone Ball…

We were all up late last night filming live action parts of the final sequence of our visualisation film, we experimented with some paints and grooved ware patterns on my hands! The footage will be spliced with the CG scene later on. Last day in Orkney today so very busy…

Lights, Camera, Rock Art!

Another brilliant day on site at Maeshowe and Skara Brae. At Maeshowe we spent our time filming sequences entering the passage (we plan to use the footage to make a comparison with the stoop through passage B at Skara Brae) and experimenting with what the light could do around the entrance. Not many people can […]

Maeshowe, Skara Brae and an evolution of the plan…

Before I get going with this post it’s probably a good idea to mention that the original structure of the project has evolved a little over the past few days. Originally I had intended for us to conduct the fieldwork together before separating at the creative stage of visualisation in order to produce three separate […]

Kieran doing what Kieran does best!

Visualising Skara Brae: A collaborative project in archaeological visualisation

I’m sat at my desk in the DDS today looking longingly out at the rain, anticipating the week of fieldwork ahead of me and the pure joy that can only come with the knowledge that as of tomorrow it is socially acceptable for me to wear waterproof trousers all day, every day for a whole week. I […]