Behind the Scenes

If anyone is interested in a bit of the technicalities behind this kind of work, head on over to the Chaos Group Forums where I started a work in progress thread to help me get the atmosphere just right for the Skara Brae animation – you can view the thread here…

Sometimes I worry the aesthetic side of things takes over from the research side, though I maintain that achieving the correct ‘mood’ for the animation was essential to the final film and the way the cg sequences will be cut in with the live footage etc!

After a day editing the film together with Aaron in Lancaster we had to change a few shots to get everything flowing together nicely, so I took the opportunity to enhance the atmosphere in House 7 and actually switched to using the Vray render engine, best decision ever!


*Click the images to enlarge them*


House 7 interior “set” ready to be part of the animated sequence which will form an integral part of the final collaborative film I’m working on with Kieran Baxter and Aaron Watson.


A still from the animation as the protagonist enters into House 7…


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