High & Low – Exhibition and Talk by Kieran Baxter

High_and_Low_Falkland_exhibition_event_poster_2013My friend and colleague Kieran Baxter will be giving a talk in Falkland, Fife on Tuesday 16th July to launch his aerial photography exhibition. You can read more about the event on his blog, but the general gist is as follows…

“This showcase features unique views of hill forts spanning from East Lomond hill above Falkland in Fife, to the Caterthuns nearby Bechin in Angus. Often passed-by but sometimes difficult to appreciate from the ground, these prehistoric banked enclosures are intriguing because of their form and longevity. This exploration looks at how our appreciation of these sites and landscapes is mediated through different types of image. Using high and low altitude aerial photography along with state-of-the-art digital imaging techniques in collaboration with Susie Green from University College London, this presentation of imagery ranges from the archaeological to the cinematic.”

As you’ll know from some of the previous projects we’ve worked on together, Kieran’s aerial images are fantastic so it’s sure to be a brilliant talk and exhibition!


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