Jarlshof: CGI and Kites with Kieran Baxter

Jarlshof kite aerial photograph by Kieran Baxter.

Jarlshof kite aerial photograph by Kieran Baxter.

Last summer I was invited to do a little reconstruction work (Viking settlement, medieval farmstead and the Laird’s House) for Kieran Baxter as part of his ambitious Jarlshof Project conducted as part of his masters degree at DJCAD, University of Dundee. Kieran describes the project in detail in a fantastic blog post on his website, but the general gist in his own words can be read below…

“This short computer generated film by Kieran Baxter tells the story of settlement at Jarlshof in the Shetland Islands. The film is based on aerial photographs taken from a kite-suspended camera with special permission for kite flying in such close proximity to Sumburgh Airport. The project was supported by Historic Scotland, who manage the site, and completed at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee. Speculative reconstructions of lost buildings are based on kite aerial photographs from a number of other sites across Scotland – including Mousa Broch – and were completed in collaboration with Alice Watterson, Glasgow School of Art. The film is now on display in the museum at Jarlshof where it can be seen to full effect accompanied by an exploration of the site itself. “

As Kieran’s blurb explains the film has been installed onsite at the Jarlshof visitor centre. It has also featured on the homepage of the Scotsman and can be viewed on the Historic Scotland Youtube channel as well, very exciting!


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