The Monumental Collective


As many of you will know if you read the blog regularly, since the Digital Dwelling fieldwork I’ve continued to work on a number of collaborative projects and endeavors with Aaron Watson, Kieran Baxter and John Was. So I’m excited to share that in addition to my own projects I am now also working with Monumental, a creative heritage interpretation practice founded by Aaron Watson which also forms a front for our collaborative work.

We feel that the strength of Monumental lies in it’s ability to undertake larger projects, work as a collaborative team and provide a wide range of skills in a cost effective way for clients in heritage organisations, visitor attractions, museums and academia. To see the full scope of the work we undertake and get a sense of our growing potential you can now explore the Monumental website which has just gone live this week.

Over the coming year we’ll be updating the collaborative project sections and I’m really looking forward to being part of something bigger on the side…if that makes sense – in any case, exciting stuff on the horizon!

Screenshot 2014-12-01 12.40.45

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