Introducing the “Award Winning” Kieran Baxter

Last week Kieran and I travelled down to London to attend the AHRC Research in Film Awards which was hosted at the BAFTA Theatre in Piccadilly where Kieran’s Caterthuns film won in the Doctoral Award category.


A still from Kieran’s film for which I modelled the Iron Age reconstructions for White Caterthun.

It was brilliant to see Kieran win his category, especially since the Caterthuns were up against some stunning competition. Naturally immediately after making his acceptance speech a dazed Kieran staggered back to his seat only to sit next to the wrong brunette a few rows in front…I know fame and success makes people forget their friends but I hadn’t anticipated it happening this quickly!

Since last Thursday there has been a lot of interest in the film and Kieran has been taking lots of calls for interviews and the like. He was even on the radio last night on the BBC World Service which you can listen to here – skip to about 14 minutes in to hear Kieran’s interview. The Creators Project also wrote a brilliant article which you can read here and we were featured in The Courier as well (here) though I have to say they went with a somewhat misleading title which we’ve all had a good laugh about!

If you haven’t seen the film already here it is in it’s full HD glory…


And here we are hiding from the paparazzi and pretending we won a giant Bafta 😁

So nowadays Kieran is known here in the 3DVisLab as “The Award Winning Kieran Baxter” (examples include “would the Award Winning Kieran Baxter like a cup of tea?”, “could the award winning Kieran Baxter please have a look at this document draft” and “would the Award Winning Kieran Baxter pass me that stapler?”).

Though for some reason despite our recognition of his achievements he still attempts to ignore us on a daily basis. Must be all the fame!

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  1. Great job Kieran!

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