Reflections on Celts

Reflections on Celts is a partnership tour between National Museums Scotland and the British Museum featuring two Iron Age mirrors, which tell very different stories, and help us to understand the relationships between communities in Britain 2,000 years ago.

– McManus Galleries, Dundee

Very excited to share our film “Above the Law: Dundee Law in the Iron Age” which Kieran and I made for the Reflections on Celts exhibition at the McManus Galleries in Dundee. The exhibition launched in September and has now been extended until 26 March 2017 so if you haven’t had a chance to visit yet there’s still plenty of time!

We worked closely with the McManus (in particular Christina Donald, Curator of Early History and Gareth Jackson-Hunt) to produce the film which incorporates reconstruction modelling of the site and surrounding landscape with visual effects and digital survey of a number of notable artefacts within the collection.


Using an Artec Space Spider structured light scanner to record some of the artefacts to use as digital assets within the film. (Image from the McManus Galleries Facebook page)

This was a really lovely project to work on as I’d moved to Dundee back in April so working on reconstructing The Law, which is such an iconic landmark of Dundee, felt like a warm welcome to the city …well, warm in every sense of the word as the site is a vitrified hillfort which meant we also got to burn it to the ground in a blazing inferno!


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