Revisiting Rhynie

This year has all been a bit mad working between the university in Dundee and keeping up the freelance heritage work at the same time. So inevitably sharing all the work I’ve been doing has been the last thing on my mind when I have a spare minute and I’ve been mostly spending any down time sneaking in a nap or floating about in my kayak!

Since the Rhynie excavations are up and running again this year I thought I’d share a film we made back in March/April time. Reconstructions and visual effects tracking by me, aerial footage by Kieran B and editing, time-lapse photography and motion graphics by Kieran D.

We had a great time making the film in only a few short weeks with one crazy day of fieldwork which involved zipping between the Craw Stane and Tap O’ Noth (fueled of course by cakes and tea by the wonderful Rhynie Woman, Daisy). It was the Van’s first official fieldwork too so that was most exciting! Though the highlight had to be Baxter being chased through the field by about 40 sheep who seemed to think he had snacks in his drone bag.


Fieldwork at Rhynie with these yahoos and another fine dining experience in Kevin the van…only enhanced by my excellent parking skills which resulted in soup at a precarious angle!

I’d worked on some reconstructions for the Rhynie project back in 2014 so it was really nice to return to the project to make some up-to-date interpretive alterations to the models. This doesn’t get to happen very often in the life of a reconstruction artist and I like the way revisiting the project allowed reflection on the interpretive process and gave a refreshing fluidity to the work.

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