NEoN at the Abandon Normal Devices Festival

Baxter and I are gearing up to make the long drive down to the Castleton in the Peak District for the start of the Abandon Normal Devices (AND) Festival which promises to be rife with “vertical adventures, a roaming biennial of digital culture, new cinema & art.”

Sounds intriguing right? We’re excited.

We’ll be talking in a panel session called “Rendering the Past” on Friday between 4-5pm in Castleton Village Hall. Our talk will focus on our work with the NEoN Digital Arts project, reconstructing three arches from Dundee’s past: the 1844 wooden Triumphal Arch designed by harbour engineer James Leslie, the 1850-1964 stone Royal Arch designed by John Thomas Rochead and the recent 2016 Cardboard Arch designed by Olivier Grossetête and built by the people of Dundee. 

AND-Royal_Arch_Reimagined (4)

If you’re in the area come see what we’re up to and get a sneak peek at the augmented reality app we’re developing  along with our 3DVisLab colleague (and resident programming wizard) John Anderson for NEoN in November…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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