Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle in East Sussex is one of the most eminent heritage sites in Britain, widely considered to be ‘the last great English Castle’ before it was superseded by gunpowder and strong government. To the visitor at Bodiam today the history of the castle is presented from the perspective of its medieval roots, costumed knights roam the courtyard and theatrical maidens guide tour groups around the grounds, reminiscing about the times of jousting, feasting and great heroes.

Bodiam's great hall in it's Medieval heyday.


Another view of the great hall.


...and another view for good measure!

The overall aim of this project was to create a piece of accessible media which served to explore the history of the Great Hall in a wider time-scale than is normally considered in archaeological reconstructions. The objective being to present Bodiam’s dynamic past while at the same time illustrating the archaeological process of decay and re-use. A series of renders were produced which depicted the different stages in the life of the hall, for example, below we have the hall in use during medieval times, followed by its demise into a romantic ruin.

The great hall's descent into ruin.


Another comparative angle.



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