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Some Thoughts on Gaming and Interaction in Archaeology

A week or so ago I travelled down from Dundee to York to do some structured light scanning of an artefact for a heritage company and while I was there I took the opportunity to catch up with the brilliant Tara Copplestone. If you’re up on your blogging archaeologists you may already know Tara as the ‘Gamingarchaeo’ […]

Searching for Somethings: A Return to the Lake District

For some time now I’ve been itching to get my head back into my own research, but between working in the 3DVisLab most of the week and freelance on client-led projects the rest it can be tricky finding the space to think in depth about anything other than the task in hand. To be fair, that ‘task in […]

Grand Challenges for Digital Archaeology

As part of the Blogging Archaeology Carnival run by Doug Rocks-Macqueen over at Doug’s Archaeology I’ve been invited to write a wee blog post addressing the theme of “Grand Challenges” for archaeology. As luck would have it I wrote a paper last year addressing the same topic in the context of challenging digital archaeology, so I […]

Would You Like to Read My PhD Thesis?

Of course you would! If anyone is interested my PhD thesis and accompanying folio material are now available on the Glasgow School of Art’s RADAR archive which you can access HERE…

Storystorm Workshop

On the 5th June I’ll be talking at the Storystorm workshop being held at the Glasgow School of Art’s Digital Design Studio… The event is free but you do need to register, which you can do HERE.   StoryStorm Workshop: Heritage Stories and Digital Technology The StoryStorm Network is a collaborative exchange of methods for storytelling […]

Archaeological Visualisation and Storytelling

I’ve mentioned Ben Haggarty and Adam Brockbank’s 2010 graphic novel Mezolith in previous blog posts, but I returned to it again today while referencing the book in a section of my thesis (which is slowly coming together into something of a coherent argument!). I loved comics and graphic novels as a teenager (see my own attempt at […]

Hyper-Realism, Photo-Realism and Learning to be Realistic

Well it’s been a while since I’ve had the time to sit down and write a post for the blog so I thought I’d take the time today to reflect on some of the things I start to think about towards the end of each project. Once I’ve developed the concept for the reconstruction I’m […]

Maeshowe, Skara Brae and an evolution of the plan…

Before I get going with this post it’s probably a good idea to mention that the original structure of the project has evolved a little over the past few days. Originally I had intended for us to conduct the fieldwork together before separating at the creative stage of visualisation in order to produce three separate […]

Visualising Skara Brae: A collaborative project in archaeological visualisation

I’m sat at my desk in the DDS today looking longingly out at the rain, anticipating the week of fieldwork ahead of me and the pure joy that can only come with the knowledge that as of tomorrow it is socially acceptable for me to wear waterproof trousers all day, every day for a whole week. I […]

Thinking beyond the Tool…in press!

“Thinking beyond the Tool: Archaeological Computing & the Interpretive Process” has gone to press! This wondrous tome contains my very first ever officially published paper from TAG 2010 and is possibly the most exciting thing EVER! I’m told copies should hopefully be available at CAA 2012 in Southampton in March!