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Thinking About How to Think About Skara Brae

Today I spent the morning rummaging through books on Skara Brae in preparation for my upcoming fieldwork in May. I’ve been pulling together various papers, books and drawings which deal with interpretation of the site and its context, trying to decide what angle to adopt for the visualisations. As I skimmed through various accounts and interpretations […]

…I Know the Blackhouse is Supposed to be Smokey But…

Just thought I’d post a lightened version for all those folks who have said “Uhh…its a bit dark?” 🙂 Click on the image to see a much larger version!

St Kilda Ranger’s Diary

This week I was invited to write an entry for the National Trust for Scotland’s St Kilda Ranger’s Diary by the lovely Gina Prior with whom the Scottish Ten team shared many a beer in the Puff Inn last summer! You can read the full article here. Here’s a sneak peak at the blackhouse in […]

Scottish Ten St Kilda: In the Press

Mike Brooks short film on our time scanning St Kilda. The STV piece on our work. The Scotsman article. The BBC article. And the BBC Radio bit about their visit.

Scanning on the Edge of the World

Well, first of all my apologies for taking my time to fill you all in on the last week of scanning on St Kilda! By the second week the thought of carrying my laptop down to the Factors House to use the internet after heaving scanners up hills, over streams and through muddy, sheep infested […]

First Days on St Kilda

We left Glasgow on Friday on a tiny plane bound for Stornoway, and arrived in Leverburgh on Harris that evening. Angus had hoped to take us out on the boat that same night, but the weather had turned again so we had to wait until the following morning. After a night in the eclectic Bunkhouse […]

The Pilot Case-Study

This week I began my pilot case study, beginning to reconstruct ‘House 7’ at Skara Brae with a view to testing and refining my methodology  before I begin work on the whole village…a process which inevitably turned out to be easier said than done! The house itself is off-limits to the public and is protected from […]