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Thinking beyond the Tool…in press!

“Thinking beyond the Tool: Archaeological Computing & the Interpretive Process” has gone to press! This wondrous tome contains my very first ever officially published paper from TAG 2010 and is possibly the most exciting thing EVER! I’m told copies should hopefully be available at CAA 2012 in Southampton in March!


CAA 2012 Call for Papers!

Catriona Cooper and I are holding another session at CAA 2012 in Southampton continuing on from our upcoming TAG session… “Maintaining a Dialogue between Observation and Visualisation” Session Code: Theory4 “From creativity comes innovation and this innovation in archaeological interpretation can uncover new avenues of thinking allowing new questions to be uncovered and examined. But […]

TAG 2011: Narrating the Gap Between Observation and Visualisation

CALL FOR PAPERS! My collegue and friend Catriona Cooper and I are currently looking for papers for our session at the upcoming Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) conference 2011 – 14th to 16th December, Birmingham (http://centraltag.wordpress.com/) related to the following topic, Narrating the Gap Between Observation and Visualisation “It can be argued that all archaeological research […]

A Bit More Bodiam

Well this week has been one for nostalgia! I began the week getting back to my roots doing a little lithic illustration for Dene Wright at the University of Glasgow, there’s something quite therapeutic and calming about using a pencil again. Then later in the week I began rendering out some scenes from the Bodiam […]