Dr Alice Watterson is an archaeologist specialising in illustration, digital survey and visualisation.

Alice holds an MA Hons in Archaeology from the University of Glasgow, an MSc (with distinction) in Archaeological Computing from the University of Southampton and, having successfully defended her PhD thesis in June 2014, achieved her doctorate in Archaeological Visualisation from the Glasgow School of Art.

Her current research interests lie with the use of digital reconstruction as an interpretive tool for archaeology, focussing in particular on blending digital data capture with creative practice to generate original interpretive content for heritage outreach.

Alice’s PhD research was funded in part by Historic Scotland, and she was the recipient of the Austin Merrill’s Postgraduate Scholarship during 2010/2011, and additionally the Helen Cargill-Thomson Postgraduate Scholarship. All of which she is very grateful for!

If you would like to view my portfolio you can visit my website.

The Blog

This blog initially started as a means to share the development of my PhD research from 2010-2014 which itself aimed to investigate how the creative processes involved in the production of archaeological visualizations engage with and develop the interpretive process.

Through a series of case-studies from the Scottish Ten project the research provided in-depth and critical narratives of the reconstruction process throughout the stages of data collection in the field, creation of the 3D models and consumption of the resulting visualizations by various audiences. With the aim of understanding how this process of visualisation and the creation of subjective narratives influences the integrity of the captured record, the control of experience and the ways we model uncertainty.

If you would like to read the final thesis feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to email you a pdf!


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  2. Hi Alice, read your ‘Ask an Archaeologist’ interview which led me here.
    My favourite period is the Neolithic, and my favourite place is Orkney. I have tried to get my wife to move there with me but she isn’t having it. I even told her there was an indian restaurant in Kirkwall but she still said no. Best of luck with your work-and I bet those knee patches come in handy!

    1. Maybe take her to visit one of the more remote isles like Westray, then when you return to Kirkwall it will feel like a bustling metropolis! Unfortunately those aren’t knee patches in the pic, it’s just dried on mud!!

      1. Could have been worse, could have been cow pats 🙂

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